A serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in bioinformatics, Manuel J. Glynias founded GenomOncology to provide software and services to enable healthcare institutions to improve cancer care through precision medicine.

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Alex Yakubovich and Stan Garber are co-founders of Scout RFP, a new-breed, cloud-based strategic sourcing solution that allows organizations to make more informed purchasing decisions, faster. Prior to Scout, Alex and Stan co-founded ONOSYS, which was acquired by LivingSocial in 2012.

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Karen Katz is a serial entrepreneur with an IPO and $300M exit. Karen founded Playlist to bring streaming music to the Instagram generation. Karen holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. She is passionate about creating the “work family” and supporting women in business. Karen helped found the Woman’s StartUp Lab in Silicon Valley and is an active member of Springboard Enterprises.

Future-minded and passionate about technology’s convergence with media, Daniel Anstandig launched Futuri Media after success in the media and technology industries as a young entrepreneur and advisor to some of the world’s top media brands.

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After a nearly decade-long career with two professional sports teams, Matt Mastrangelo launched Groupmatics with an approach that blends an inside group sales perspective with a true love of sporting events.

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