GenomOncology has a better idea to revolutionize cancer treatment, one that analyzes the genetic data of a tumor in order to provide a personal prescription that effectively treats the distinctive nature of the cancer.

The company has transformed this idea into a sophisticated product that analyzes and interprets the genomic data necessary for successful targeted drug therapy in cancer. GenomOncology will provide this as “Genomic-Analysis-as-a-Service,” part of a platform that integrates clinical findings with genomic analysis and generates personalized care plans that are ready for sign-off by physicians.

Zapis Capital partnered with GenomOncology in 2012 to help raise capital for development and testing, as well as leveraging contacts at organizations to cultivate relationships with a number of medical centers.

The company will continue to phase in partnerships with additional medical centers across the country so that its pioneering service can benefit patients beyond the region it currently serves.