Mike Hoff

Never Ending

NeverEnding is creating a new kind of social media space with built-in content creation tools, allowing the average person to create and share webcomics and animated videos as easily as playing a video game.

Verb Data

Verb solves the real pain points of building customer-facing dashboards and reports for SaaS platforms so engineers can focus on their business while providing great data experiences to customers.

Rockport Senior Living

Rockport is a family-owned and operated retirement community that offers independent and assisted living options to residents in Rocky River, Ohio.


GenomOncology has a better idea to revolutionize cancer treatment, one that analyzes the genetic data of a tumor in order to provide a personal prescription that effectively treats the distinctive nature of the cancer.

Futuri Media

Futuri Media leverages social and mobile technologies for media companies, on the air at more than 1000 TV and radio stations in 20 countries.


Riff is the next generation social platform, combining voice and video chat with music. Think Zoom meets Spotify with OnlyFans’ revenue model. Riff generates 10X the engagement of streaming music services and 2X more time on app than Instagram. The company has attracted Grammy-award winning artists, labels and influencers as investors, who are bringing massive …

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